Isuzu offers budget-friendly 'Best Value Parts'

ISUZU, maker of some of the world's most fuel-efficient and low maintenance vehicles, together with its local arm, Isuzu Philippines Corporation (IPC) is expanding its low-cost product line of spare parts –Isuzu Best Value Parts. Affordably priced yet having the same quality as genuine parts, Isuzu’s BVP are perfect for the budget conscious Filipino vehicle owners.

Great Value and Quality

Initially introduced in 2014, Isuzu’s Best Value Parts (BVP) are produced in compliance with Isuzu Motors Limited Japan’s standard quality guidelines for developing spare parts – guaranteed to give the same performance and durability similar to genuine Isuzu parts.

Expressing confidence in this product-line is IPC’s President Hajime Koso, “Our responsibility to our customers goes a long way; we want to guide them every step of the way – especially on properly maintaining their vehicle. Isuzu Best Value Parts are practical alternatives to those who simply cannot afford or will not spend on the premium price of the genuine part - its safety and durability is Isuzu-guaranteed,” he said.

Carefully crafted and developed by Isuzu Parts experts, Best Value Parts are proven safe to replace genuine parts and can be used even during the vehicle’s warranty period compared to other non-genuine parts available in the market which will void vehicle warranty.

Affordability and Availability

Manufactured by Isuzu’s trusted parts suppliers, BVP are priced as much as 60-70 percent lower than their genuine counterparts due to the low manufacturing cost in their source country. Indeed a practical alternative, customers are given the freedom to choose between the Isuzu genuine parts or BVP whenever they would have their vehicles serviced in any Isuzu dealership.

Ideal for fleet businesses, BVP are readily available in all Isuzu dealership nationwide and in a wide product range to reduce vehicle maintenance cost. Currently, BVP are offered in 14 different parts categories from oil filter, clutch booster, air cleaner, fuel filter, clutch disc, pressure plate, shift block, water pump, belt, torque rod bush, wiper blade, hub bearing, shock absorber and brake lining; which are a few of the most replaced parts during vehicle servicing.

According to Isuzu, this product line-up will soon expand as they plan to cater to more models and offer a viable option to Isuzu servicing customers. IPC also expects that the sales of these parts will increase as more and more customers are finding ways to lower the maintenance cost and servicing downtime of their vehicles. To know more about Isuzu Best Value Parts call or visit any Isuzu dealership near you. Log on to for dealer contact details.