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The Isuzu N-Series is your true partner in every sense. Designed to cater to your different entrepreneurial needs, Isuzu N-Series trucks are sturdy and versatile. So, drive your business to success and enjoy the fruits of your labor with this reliable profit partner.


NHR C/C 50A Non Tilt 

NHR C/C 80A Non Tilt 


NHR 55 Tilt (91 PS) 

NHR 55 Almazora 

NHR 55 Centro 


NKR 55 (91 PS) 

NKR 71 (121 PS) 

NKR 55 Almazora 

NKR 55 Centro 

NKR 71 Almazora 

NKR 71 Centro 


NPR 71 (121 PS) 

NPR 71 Almazora 

NPR 71 Centro 


NQR 71 (121 PS) 

NPR 71 Almazora 

NPR 71 Centro 


  • Prices/Specifications may change without prior notice.
  • Shipping and handling charges not included(Provincial dealerships).
  • Specifications may vary from actual unit.
  • SRP does not include rear truck body
  • Prices of trucks are for cab and chassis only

N-Series AVP


Anton Albarillo and his Six Isuzu Vehicles: First and Only Choice

November 15, 2012

After he left San Miguel Corporation in 1983, Anton Albarillo decided to join his wife, Loida, in the family business selling dressed chicken. Then they started to supply fresh quality meat to their clients to ensure the growth of their business despite setbacks.

He realized that they needed bigger and more reliable vehicles to be able to give quality service. And for Loida and Anton, there was no doubt that Isuzu would be the best choice for them, given the reputation of the brand when it comes to big capacity trucks and fuel-efficient diesel engines.

Anton said that this was obvious in the large number of Isuzu trucks they always find on the road everywhere they go. “We figured that if many people use Isuzu, then this brand might be the best option,” he furthered.

The first purchase was followed by three more acquisitions of Isuzu NKR. To date, they have four Isuzu trucks to assist them with each delivery. Anton admitted,“We are completely satisfied with the performance of our ISUZU vehicles. As for our NKR delivery vans, we couldn’t have been able to expand our business without the help of ISUZU. We are able to deliver to our customers thru our ISUZU vans.”

What Mr. Albarillo appreciates most about Isuzu vehicles is its reliability. It has been a steady partner both personally and in business. The advantage Isuzu vehicles have given the family is truly immeasurable. “I even recommend ISUZU to those we do business with,” he mentioned. Anton also speaks well of the after sales support of his dealership. “ Their technical knowledge coupled with quick response to our needs is very commendable. We feel very much a “Kapamilya” when we are at Isuzu Alabang. The warmth of people there makes it easy for us to choose Isuzu over other brands.”

Atty. Eliezer Mabao and his Isuzus: Isuzu All The Way

April 26, 2011

“Sariling sikap” has always fueled Eliezer’s passion in life. Despite hailing from a well-heeled family, Eliezer decided to strike out on his own to find his own place in the sun. After getting his feet wet in the political arena as a councilor and then as vice-mayor of Rizal after marrying Cleofe Laviña Alkuino, he went on to farm a 100-hectare land that he worked hard for during his bachelor days. He grew corn & sugarcane while wife Cleofe managed a retail store. Soon he would add bananas among his produce.

With sheer hard work, their business grew fast and with it their family. The couple soon saw the need to buy a vehicle for both personal and business use.

Isuzu became the Mabao’s brand of choice and the KB25 pickup was the preferred vehicle model. “It all started with that pickup,” Eliezer narrates. “I was looking for a reliable partner for our growing business and so we did not want to settle for anything less. I have tried other brands but I tell you, my Isuzu pickup outlasted them all,” he proudly adds.

His KB25 pickup was pushed to its limits being used as hauler for farm produce in bulks and weighty boxes of grocery items. As the couple’s able mover for their business, the Isuzu pickup impressed the Mabao’s with its durability which lasted years of off-road travel to the farm, smooth-street driving to their grocery and long distance travels from Bukidnon to neighboring provinces like Cagayan de Oro and Davao. “We made the right choice in getting an Isuzu,” Eliezer adds.

The Mabaos’ attachment to the Isuzu grew stronger over the years as they ventured into other businesses. The tried their hand at getting into the poultry business and eventually baking paving the way for the birth of Jocel’s Fastfood & Bakeshop.

As the business ventures grew in number, so did the diesel trucks ad pick-ups that made up their fleet. And in 1999, Eliezer got his ultimate Isuzu dream vehicle—a 4-wheel drive Trooper. “The Trooper is all I ever wanted and more,” he utters with absolute conviction. “It’s the finest among Isuzu models…and I guess, even the best among other brands in its class,” he adds with confidence.

He also added to his list of assets the Isuzu NHR and NPR trucks, Fuego 4x2 and 4x4 pickups, and an Alterra for his mother-in-law. “I believe it’s all because of a very good first experience I got with the brand,” he exclaims.“And the same reasons—durability and fuel efficiency—I loved in my first Isuzu pickup, were sustained in all the Isuzu vehicles I purchased,” he reasons out.

Eliezer Mabao’s Isuzu fixation is something deep-seated. Compared to other brands, the design of Isuzu vehicles are rather conservative,” he says. “But admittedly, this is exactly how I like my vehicle to be. I’m not really into frills and all those car accessories, which I find unnecessary. For me, utility and durability are the yardsticks of an ideal vehicle,” Eliezer stresses. As he makes this point, wife Cleofe furthers, “And we are proud to say that wala ni isa sa mga Isuzu namin ang iniwan kami sa daan (none of our Isuzu vehicles has left us on the road),” she gives much emphasis.

Is there any surprise then that the Mabaos consider Isuzu as their most reliable business partner?



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